Catholic Tours of Rome

The Life of Christ

On this tour we’ll visit relics associated with the life of Christ. We’ll see part of the manger, the table used at the Last Supper, we’ll climb the stairs He climbed when He was condemned to death, see the pillar on which He was scourged, pray in front of part of the True Cross, a nail from the Crucifixion, and thorns from the Crown of Thorns.

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Pilgrim Churches of Rome

A modern take on a 500 year old pilgrimage. Traditionally a full day walking pilgrimage, I’ve condensed this to a half day with a private van – because your soul is important, and so is your time. We’ll visit some of Rome’s oldest and most important churches.

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Saints, Apostles, and an Apparition

Just some of the Saints we’ll see on this walk through Historic Catholic Rome: Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Monica, Saint Agnes, Saint Ignatius. We’ll visit the tombs of the Apostles Philip and James the Lesser. Plus we’ll stop by the site of a Marian Apparition. This tour will also go by the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Piazza Navona.

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