Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome

This is a 500 year old pilgrimage connecting some of Rome’s most important churches. Traditionally a full day walking pilgrimage, I’ve condensed this to a half day with access to a private car – because your soul is important, and so is your time.

We begin with Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica. Our private car will then take us to visit the tomb of Saint Paul. Next we’ll see the footprints Christ left when He appeared to Peter as he was fleeing Rome and the tomb of Saint Sebastian.

We’ll stop by the Cathedral of Rome and then pray before the relics of the Passion. Next we’ll pay a visit to several early martyrs of the Church, Saints Lawrence, Stephen, and Justin.

We’ll end our pilgrimage in front of Salus Populi Romani, the Protectress of Rome.

This is my most popular day tour.

Churches we’ll visit

Saint Peter’s Basilica
Saint Paul Outside the Walls
San Sebastian
Saint John Lateran
Scala Santa – The stairs are closed for restoration until January 2019.
Santa Croce in Gerusalemme
Saint Lawrence Outside the Walls
Saint Mary Major

Some of the things we’ll see

Michelangelo’s Pieta
Tomb of Saint John Paul II
Tomb of Saint Peter (but this is not the Scavi Tour)
Tomb of Saint Paul
Footprints of Christ
Tomb of Saint Sebastian
Table used at the Last Supper
Part of the True Cross
A nail from the Crucifixion
Two thorns from the Crown of Thorns
Tomb of Saints Lawrence, Stephen, and Justin
Christ’s Manger

* It’s extremely rare, but occasionally a church may have a private Mass, funeral, or wedding that prevents us from visiting. If this happens, we’ll do all we can to work around it, switch the order of churches, or substitute another church.

More info about this tour

The total cost for up to 6 people is just €600 – that’s total, not per person, and includes our private van and driver.

The total cost for 7 or more people is just €750 – that’s total, not per person, and includes our private minibus and driver.

This tour lasts approximately 6 hours and begins with Mass at 7 a.m.

Our Mass is in English at one of the many side altars in Saint Peter’s Basilica. Most of the altars do not have seats.

If you’d like to go to confession at Saint Peter’s Basilica, I’ll be sure you have time after the Mass.

We have an early start, but we will stop for coffee and pastries after Mass.

This tour is not possible on Sundays or most Wednesdays. It’s not ideal, but it is certainly possible, on Saturdays.

Shoulders need to be covered for the churches. Super short shorts are not allowed in the churches.

Customize this tour

While many people want to stick to this itinerary, I often have families wanting to substitute churches. This is your tour and we can make any changes you want.

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  • The cost is the same for up to six people. For seven or more people we need a minibus, rather than the minivan, so the price increases to €750.
  • This tour is not possible on Sundays and most Wednesdays.
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