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These awesome people have traveled with me a combined total of 55 times!

Hi, I’m Mountain.

I’m passionate about what I do and I’m very thankful for every moment I get to spend helping people explore our faith through travel.

I’ve personally led 140 group pilgrimages so far, and I show hundreds of people around Catholic Rome every year.

Everyone I’ve worked with, has come back again and again. A few parishes have traveled with me five times, one school has worked with me six times, and I organized sixteen group pilgrimages for Lino Rulli. Many people have been with me on multiple trips, with some traveling with me eight times!

Read on to find out why…

Why these tours are the best

Because all my pilgrimages are custom made, I only lead a few select trips each year. I work directly with the parish, school, or organization to design the perfect trip tailored to their needs. Because I put so much into these trips, I cannot possibly do 20 pilgrimages a year – nor would I want too!

I feel that travel is so important, I offer ways for people to travel for free, and have been known to give away trips via social media contests from time to time.

I put a lot of research into each of my tours. I not only want you to have a rewarding pilgrimage, but also to grow spiritually during our time together. I know in many cases this may be a once in a lifetime trip for you and encourage you to compare our tours with others to find the tour that is right for you. Below are some qualities that make my tours a bit different than other tour companies.

All tours have an accompanying priest who will celebrate Mass with us each day in the beautiful churches. Since I travel with small groups, you will have more time to spend with our priest throughout the journey.

Small Groups
My groups are always small, usually no larger than 27 people, with a few exceptions. Many other tour companies may have up to 50 people traveling on one bus, and sometimes even multiple buses! Traveling in a small group allows your guide to spend more time with you to ensure you are having the best possible experience. With our small group we will be able to sleep and eat in places large tour groups cannot.

No Hidden Fees
Everything we do as a group is already included in the advertised price. So you never need to worry about hidden expenses such as departure taxes, fuel, tips or even drinks with meals. Those expenses can really add up, even up to several hundred dollars on top of the advertised price of other tours. Since we always stay in centrally located hotels, you do not have to worry about paying a fee to get into town during your free time either.

Traveling as a Local
It is important to me that you get a true feel of the local culture. Throughout the trip we will stay in small charming hotels and eat alongside the locals in intimate restaurants. My tours include plenty of free time and I encourage you to get out on your own and explore the neighborhoods. I want you to experience a city, not just see it from a tour bus. Don’t worry, I will be able to offer you advice on planning your time.

Two Night Stays in Central Hotels
Something I try to do with all my itineraries is to allow at least a two night stay in each hotel. I find people get more out of a tour if they have time to relax and explore each town they visit. I definitely prefer quality to quantity and want to be sure you get the most out of each stop. Our hotels will almost always be right in the heart of the city. Many tour companies put their groups in big hotels just outside the city and charge a fee for the ‘optional excursion’ into town.

In Florence with a group from Saskatoon, Canada

How The Catholic Traveler can help you

Travel with me
I put a lot of time into designing the best Catholic Pilgrimages and Educational Tours to Europe and the Holy Land. These are not your typical generic, cookie-cutter tours. Each trip is built around the needs of the group. Check out some upcoming trips, or let’s get started planning one for you.

Already planning a trip to Rome? Sign up for one of my day tours of Catholic Rome.

Travel on your own
Although I run a tour company, I still love to travel solo and encourage others to do the same. I’m always available to help with any questions or concerns you have in planning your own trip. If you ever have a question, help is just an email away – and please don’t be afraid to ask! I live in Rome, Italy, so if you are visiting, let me know how I can help while you are here.

Travel from home
If you cannot, or will not, travel, you can always join in virtually from home. I blog, share pictures, and post a lot all over social media. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

In Rome with Lino Rulli and Fr. Dave Dwyer

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