Hi, I’m Mountain

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Hi, my name is Mountain Butorac. You should follow me on Instagram.

I started The Catholic Traveler in 2004 to bring together my three passions, the Catholic faith, helping people, and travel. It’s been more rewarding (and more work) than I ever imagined.

I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia. In 2014 I moved my family to Rome and we now live in my dream home just a 90 second walk from Saint Peter’s Basilica.

I’ve traveled with devout Catholics, fallen away Catholics, soon-to-be Catholics, and even anti-Catholics. I’ve traveled with Protestants, Jews, Muslims, a Buddhist, Agnostics, and Atheists. I’ve traveled with seminarians, priests, deacons, and nuns. I’ve traveled with a real princess, a few Emmy winners, a pro football player, a college football coach, a somewhat famous actress, a somewhat famous actor, accomplished writers, and even a professional protester. I’ve traveled with newborns, 90 year olds, and every age in between.

Along the way, I’ve made some great memories and even greater friends.

I’ve been interviewed by lots of people, including the BBC, FoxNews, New York Times, and EWTN. I’ve been written about in the Smithsonian. I’ve had a photo I took featured in National Geographic Traveler. I’ve also written a ton of travel articles for various publications.

You probably saw my god daughter and I all over the world, when she grabbed the zucchetto off the pope’s head, or maybe that time a kid from one of my day tours got to ride around Saint Peter’s Square with the pope.

But what makes me happiest is that I get to help you explore your faith through travel.

Random things about me…

  • My name is Mountain – seriously.
  • My mother was a punk with purple hair. She ran some record stores called Turtle’s. My dad was a rock star – the Rolling Stones came to Chicago to see him play. Now they both work in the Church.
  • I am a convert.
  • I was in the music industry for over 10 years, working alongside artists such as The Cure, Beastie Boys, Missy Elliott, Faith Hill, The Pixies, and Björk. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts and met more rock stars than I can remember. My two favorite experiences were spending the day with Moby and taking him grocery shopping, and spending a night drinking Tequila Sunrises with Robert Smith.
  • After my first trip to Italy, I quit my job, and left for Italy the next day. I stayed until I ran out of money – which only took three weeks.
  • I used to DJ in clubs, underground dance parties, and full-on raves.
  • I’m the reason Chick-fil-A says “my pleasure.”
  • I am married with three girls, two here with us, and one watching out from above.
  • After some crazy hijinks, my wife and I met Pope John Paul II.
  • I’ve kissed the ring of Pope John Paul II, the ring of Pope Benedict XVI twice, and I’ve met Pope Francis. Now seven times.
  • I spent time in the Catholic PR world and got to work with some amazing clients, including the Vatican and Pope Benedict!
  • My favorite places to visit are Omaha, Nebraska and Paris. My dream travel destinations are Tahiti and Norway.
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