Roman Novena 2016 wrap-up

Nine days, nearly 100 church visits, and 71 miles walked.

Thank you for sending in your prayer requests. Some were very personal and very painful and it was an honor to bring them with me around Rome.

Thank you for your prayers. I had my own intentions and it was humbling to know you were praying for me.

I don’t typically spend five hours a day in prayer, so that was very new to me. It was wonderful and exhausting. There were a few days I really didn’t feel like walking eight miles in the summer heat, but having you along with me got me through.

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Snapchat, I have all the daily videos archived on my Facebook page. Below are the links to each individual day.

Day one: An explanation as to what I’m doing. Plus I go deeper into the first stop of the day, the Scala Santa. Watch on Facebook

Day two: As a majority of the prayer requests I received focused on marriage and children, I explain why I’m visiting the basilica of Saint Augustine each day. Watch on Facebook

Day three: Today I take you to the icon that led to my conversion. It was meant to be a gag gift and ended up changing my life. Watch on Facebook

Day four: I began the day by leading a family on one of my Day Pilgrimages across Rome. By the end of the day I had visited 16 churches. Watch on Facebook

Day five: Rather than give a tour of one of the nine churches I visit each day, I bring you along for a whole day on the Roman Novena. I even stop for a couple very important coffee breaks. Watch on Facebook

Day six: People seemed to enjoy following a full day, so today I bring you along again. This time I add a few bonus churches. Watch on Facebook

Day seven: Today was the Feast of Our Lady of the Snows. We start with Mass where it snows in Rome each year on August 5th. I have a Day Pilgrimage in the afternoon before I finish up the Novena for the day. Watch on Facebook

Day eight: For the Feast of Transfiguration I begin with Mass at the Altar of Transfiguration in Saint Peter’s Basilica with my friend, Monsignor Soseman. I bring you along on another Day Pilgrimage, this time I took a couple to a few churches outside the walls of Rome, before wrapping up the Novena in the evening. Watch on Facebook

Day nine: On the final day of the Roman Novena, I’m joined by a special guest. Watch on Facebook

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