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Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums

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When I first heard of the Patrons program for the Vatican Museums, my initial thought was that it was not for me. A ‘patron’ is someone with lots of money. I didn’t even look into it.

Then one day I stumbled across their website and clicked through just to see what it was all about.

I was quite surprised to see the cost and what was included. I signed up immediately.

Here are some pictures from a few of my many Patron visits along with the perks of being a Patron, notice the lack of crowds:


  • Complimentary entrance to the Vatican Museums before they are open to the public. – This is especially great since I live in Rome!
  • Complimentary private tour of the Vatican Museums with an excellent hand-selected official. – I’ve had tours from several of the guides and they are the best of the best.
  • Access to areas of the Museums closed to the public.
  • Viewing of a restoration in progress at the Restoration Laboratories. – This is such a cool thing to experience.
  • Reparto Speciale tickets to the Papal Audience – These are the fancy seats.
  • A visit to the International Director’s office located in the Apostolic Palace.
  • Entrance into the Vatican Gardens
  • 30% Discount at all Vatican Museum Gift Shops


$1,200 annually per couple or family (including children 18 & under)
$600 annually for an individual
$250 for those 35 years of age and under

It’s so worth it.

Become a Patron at Vatican-Patrons.org