Saint Peter’s Basilica

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What time is Saint Peter’s Basilica open?

Saint Peter’s Basilica is open from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., every day of the year. The exception being on days of Papal Masses and when the Wednesday Audience is held in Saint Peter’s Square.

When there is a morning Papal event in the basilica or in the piazza, the church opens a few hours after the conclusion of the event.

When there is an evening Papal event in the basilica or piazza, the basilica closes a few hours before the event.

How much does Saint Peter’s Basilica cost?

Saint Peter’s Basilica is completely free.

Do I need tickets for Saint Peter’s Basilica?


Is there a dress code for Saint Peter’s Basilica?

Knees and shoulders covered. You can use a simple cover-up like a light scarf. Important to note that the literal fashion police are checking people after the long security line. So people who don’t read my website and try to wear something skimpy to Saint Peter’s Basilica, will get turned away after waiting an hour or so to get in. This causes a lot of drama.

Can I skip the line at Saint Peter’s Basilica?

There is not an entrance reserved for prayer like you’ll find at many churches throughout Europe. This is really annoying and unfortunate because the security line to get into the basilica can sometimes be over an hour long.

There is a tour company that provides a ‘skip the line’ service at Saint Peter’s, but it’s not worth it. The cost is ridiculous, especially for a free church, and you still have to wait for them to get a group together before they let you in. So you are better off waiting in the line.

What I recommend is that you wake up early and get to the church at 6:45 a.m. so you are there when they open. It’s a completely different experience than visiting once the tourist crowd is out and about.

Where is the Sistine Chapel?

You can’t get there from here. You need to visit the Vatican Museums.

When does the pope celebrate Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica?

While there are opportunities for Mass with the Holy Father, he does not have a daily, weekly, or monthly Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica. There are 6 Masses during the week and 7 Masses on Sunday in the basilica, not counting all the private Masses in the 7:00 a.m. hour, but you’re not going to see the pope at any of these.

Can I go to Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica?

Yes. Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Can I go to Confession at Saint Peter’s Basilica?

Yes. Confession at Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Can I get married at Saint Peter’s Basilica?

Yes. There is a chapel reserved for weddings. Invite me and I’ll bring a gift. You can also hire me to take care of your guests while they are in Rome. If you want to bring the world’s best international wedding photographer, contact Amanda Donaho Photography.

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