How to get to the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls

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Saint Paul Outside the Walls is my favorite church in Rome. It’s also one of the furthest from the city center. Still, it’s super easy to get there and everyone should definitely visit.

Saint Paul is buried below the main altar. The church also has a great gift shop, with beer, digestivi, chocolate, jams, and soaps made by the monks.

Here’s how to get to Saint Paul Outside the Walls

The best way is to book my day tour that includes this church.

Even if you are not traveling with me, it’s easy to get to this church. Saint Paul is conveniently located on a bus and metro route. Metro Line B stops just behind the church, and for many, that means a change of trains at Termini.

I prefer bus 23. For only €1.50, the bus runs from near Saint Peter’s Basilica to the front door of Saint Paul. You’ll travel by Trastevere, follow the Tiber River, cut through Testaccio, pass by a pyramid from 12 BC, and end up at the church. Depending on traffic, the ride could take 30 – 45 minutes from Saint Peter’s Basilica. Worth it.

Please note that bus 23 to return to the Vatican area departs from the back of the church.

Don’t let the “Outside the Walls” part scare you off, it’s really not that far. The church is amazing. The same bus ticket that gets you here is valid for 100 minutes, and you’ll probably have enough time to use it for the return journey.

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