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Coronavirus in Rome

04 May, 2020: Phase 2 Day 1

Video: Churches, Sacraments, and Cappuccino

03 May, 2020: Quarantine Day 55

Video: Phase Two Begins Tomorrow

27 April, 2020: Quarantine Day 49

Video: More details on Phase Two

25 April, 2020: Quarantine Day 47

Video: More good news, dancing, and airplanes

22 April, 2020: Quarantine Day 44

Video: Details emerge on Phase Two

17 April, 2020: Quarantine Day 39

Video: A quick update from Rome

1 April, 2020: Quarantine Day 23

We are now allowed to walk our kids. Only one kid and one parent at a time. Until this point, we were only allowed to walk dogs.

29 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 20

Video: Fear, perspective, & adapting

28 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 19

Video: My thoughts on the Urbi et Orbi

25 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 16

The Holy Father will hold an extraordinary Urbi et Orbi in Saint Peter’s Square on Friday, 27 March at 6 PM Rome time. (Vatican News)

23 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 14

Video: Grocery shopping, online Mass, and getting dressed

22 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 13

Music video: Everything’s gonna be okay

20 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 11

Interview: A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas

19 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 10

Video: Worldwide Rosary with the Holy Father

17 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 8

New form for when we leave the house where we declare we are not corona-positive or waiting on results.

15 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 6

Video: I was wrong about Coronavirus

14 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 5

As of midnight, the ban on European travelers to the US begins. This does not include Americans traveling home from Europe.

Interview: BBC Breakfast

13 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 4

Video: What we can and cannot do

12 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 3

The Holy Father reverses the order to close all Rome churches. Churches reopen just 16 hours after being forced to close.

On The Patrick Madrid Show

11 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 2

Quarantine levels up. Now only essential places, like grocery stores and pharmacies remain open.

Interview: The Today Show

To leave the home, we need a printed form that contains who we are, where we live, where we are going, and what time we left.

This evening it was announced that all churches in Rome are ordered to close.

10 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 1

Video: First full day of the Rome Quarantine

Masses still taking place in Saint Peter’s Basilica, but this morning there was no security check, as even security wasn’t sure what was going on.

Saint Peter’s Square is closed before noon.

9 March, 2020: Quarantine Day 0

Masses still taking place in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Interview: Gus Lloyd Seize the Day

Quarantine begins this evening when it’s announced all of Italy is now in the Red Zone.

Restaurants, cafes, shops, bars all remain open, but must close by 6 PM.

Video: Rome is open for prayer

8 March, 2020

Video: What has happened to our church?

The Holy Father, “a pope in a cage,” holds a virtual Angelus, making a suprise appearance from his window after.

Still a 45 minute wait for Saint Peter’s Basilica today.

All museums are closed until April 3rd.

This evening it is announced that all Masses will be closed to the public. Also, no funerals or weddings can take place.

5 March, 2020

Vatican Library is closed.

4 March, 2020

Schools of Rome are closed.

3 March, 2020

Diocese of Rome declared no sign of peace, no holy water, no communion on the tongue.

2 March, 2020

I spent nearly four hours in Saint Peter’s Basilica it was empty.

1 March, 2020

Papal Angelus goes on, but with a smaller than usual crowd.

29 February, 2020

Video: Rome is open for business!

27 February, 2020

Article: Coronavirus and Travel to Rome

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