Pilgrimage to Italy with Saint Theresa of Douglasville

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About the trip

I organized this trip for my home parish of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Douglasville. We traveled to Rome to attend the Pallium Mass for Atlanta’s new Archbishop, Wilton Gregory.
I traveled through London and arrived in Rome several days before the group to make sure everything was set up and ready to go. It was ridiculously hot, even for a typical summer in Rome. For most of the travelers, it was their first time to Europe. It was a great honor that my pastor allowed me to put this trip together.
It was a privilege to travel with my fellow parishioners.
I have several posts I need to write about this trip. Being my first group trip, I made so many mistakes! Funny stuff mostly.

Blog posts

Lost in Assisi

The priests

Father Richard Tibbetts and Father Joe Shaute


June 23, 2005 – July 1, 2005


Rome, Assisi, Florence


St. Mary Major: Sistine Chapel, Rome
St. Peter’s Basilica: Altar of St. Petronilla
Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Assisi
Santa Maria degli Angeli: Chapel of Tears, Assisi
Basilica of St. Francis: Tomb of St. Francis, Assisi
Duomo, Florence
Sant Anselmo with Archbishop Wilton Gregory, Rome
St. Peter’s Basilica: Pallium Mass with Pope Benedict XVI


Hotel Alimandi, Rome
Hotel Umbra, Assisi


Hostaria dei Bastioni, Rome
Rusticella, Rome
Tre Scalini, Rome
Restaurant Giardini, Assisi
Pallotta Trattoria, Assisi (the group tried the pigeon)
Sacro e Profano, Rome


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