The Funeral of Pope John Paul II

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About the Trip

When the Pope died, my wife knew I wanted to go to the funeral. She said I could go only if Father Augustine went with me. I guess she wanted me to have company. Or, maybe she thought he wouldn’t be crazy enough to go. Well, he was.
Some friends gave us buddy passes to fly on Delta and we left the next day. We flew into Milan because everyone in the world was flying into Rome. We took the train to Rome and stayed for just one night before heading back north.
It was blessing to be able to travel to attend the Holy Father’s funeral and I am truly grateful to all those who made it happen for us.

The Priest

Father Augustine Tran


April 5 – 11, 2005




St. Peter’s Square, Vatican – Funeral Mass for Pope John Paul II
San Marco, Venice


???, Milan
???, Rome
???, Florence
Hotel Antica Locanda al Gambero, Venice


Some Chinese place, Rome
Le Bistrot de Venise, Venice


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