In the Footsteps of Our Fathers

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About the Trip

I worked with Father Kevin Peek to create an intimate trip to follow in the footsteps of the fathers of the Church.
With just over three months from the day we planned the trip until departure, we knew the trip had to be inexpensive and appeal to our target audience, which for this trip, was the young adult community of Atlanta.
We put together a quick six day pilgrimage with four nights in Rome and two nights in Assisi with a cost of just $2,299. A great deal for a summer trip to Italy!
Another priest, Father Augustine Tran, joined us a few days into the trip. It was quite an honor to have two very holy priests with our group. The Masses and homilies were amazing!
Because of the small size of our group we were able to celebrate Mass inside the Porziuncola in Assisi and the confessio of Saint Mary Major. Both altars are impossible to get with a large group.


July 20, 2006 – July 27, 2006




San Callisto Catacombs (Rome)
St. John Lateran (Rome)
St. Peter’s Basilica, Chapel of Bocciata (Rome)
Santa Maria degli Angeli, Porziuncola Chapel (Assisi)
Basilica of St. Francis: Tomb of St. Francis (Assisi)
St. Mary Major, Sacra Culla (Rome)
Alimandi Basilica (Rome)


Hotel Alimandi (Rome) – My home in Rome!
Hotel Umbra (Assisi) – In the heart of Assisi, the heart of Italy!


Perilli in Prati (Rome)
Hostaria dei Bastioni (Rome)
Rusticella (Rome)
Orso’80 (Rome)
Restaurant Giardini (Assisi)
Sacro e Profano (Rome)


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