Daddy Daughter Recon Trip to Italy and France

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About the Trip

I had a few France pilgrimages coming up and needed to do some research. School was out and so I decided to bring my seven year old daughter along with me. It was the ultimate take your kid to work day(s).

Blog Posts

Planning the trip
Day One: Rome, Pope Benedict, and Carbonara
Day Two: Tourists for a day, Saint Catherine, and the Vatican Museums after hours
Day Three: Saint Peter’s Basilica and the topless beaches of Nice
Day Four: Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, visiting Bono’s house, and exploring Monaco
Day Five: Travel skills, trains, and crepes
Day Six:


??? – ???


Rome, Nice, Monaco, Arles, Avignon, Paris


Papal Mass at Saint John Lateran for the Feast of Corpus Christi

Pope sighting

Pope Benedict at the Corpus Christi Mass

Pope Benedict Corpus Christi Mass at Saint John Lateran

Pope Benedict Corpus Christi Mass at Saint John Lateran


Hotel Alimandi, Rome
Hotel Massenna, Nice
Hotel, Arles
Hotel, Avignon
Hotel Leeeee, Paris


Abruzzi, Rome
Hostaria dei Bastioni, Rome
Papa Lino, Rome
xxx, Nice
xxx, Avignon
Hard Rock Cafe, Paris
xxx, Paris