The Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena

The Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena is on April 29th.

Though she’s from Siena, she lived and died in Rome. Her tomb is located under the main altar in the basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, just behind the Pantheon.

The tomb can be visited anytime the church is open.

On her feast day there is a beautiful solemn Mass at 6 p.m. Immediately after, the area below the altar is opened so that you can venerate the actual tomb.

The line to access the tomb.

Under the altar.

A nun venerates the tomb of Saint Catherine on her feast day.

My daughter praying over the tomb of her Patron Saint.

Saint Catherine is incorruptible, meaning that her body has not decayed as much as a body should.

One of her hands is located in a convent in Rome on Monte Mario.

The hand of Saint Catherine

To see even more of Saint Catherine, head on over to Siena.

Though she died and was buried in Rome, her spiritual director knew that Siena would want to have a part of her as well. The story goes that he went to her tomb late one night, and her head miraculously separated from her body. So he sent it up to Siena. Her head, and a finger, are located in her home parish, San Domenico.

The head of Saint Catherine

The town used to process her Holy Head through the streets. But after several failed attempts to steal it, they locked it away for safe keeping. Three different people hold three different keys to three different locks. All must be present to open the reliquary holding the head. Access to the locks is in a small chapel off the sacristy.

Three locks protect the Holy Head of Saint Catherine.

Since San Domenico doesn’t have her full body, they only have a four star rating on Trip Advisor.

Why do churches post Trip Advisor ratings?

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