The Catholic Guy Show does Rome, Greece, and Turkey – Day Three

On Friday, the day the group departed the US, I slept 3 hours. On Saturday, the night of the beatification, I slept 0 hours. On Sunday, after the beatification, I slept 15 minutes. So, when we arrived in Athens at midnight and I was given the most comfortable bed ever, I was out.

We had an early departure for the port, so I urged everyone to be on time and on the bus at 8:00 AM. Lino called my room at 8:15 and woke me up! I was down and on the bus by 8:20. But that has never happened. Never. I felt terrible, but everyone gave me such a hard time, that it took a little of the pain away.

The ride to the port was quick, and the process to get on the boat was a mess. As expected in Greece.

It was around this time that I heard we got Osama. Our first stop the next morning was Turkey. Perfect timing!

I set up our Mass times and was excited to find out, we’d be in the disco, right by the DJ booth. Perfect!

After several hours at sea, we arrived in Mykonos. A beautiful island. Very picturesque. The group sat down for a nice meal, I went on a mission… to find Cuban chocolate for my bride. Nine stores later, no Cuban chocolate. The last time I was here, it was everywhere and I bought one bar. She never ate it, because she wanted to save it. One I can’t find it anywhere. I missed dinner, but found a little snack.

I met back up with the group as they were wrapping up dinner. Then we strolled back to the shore. Some had cigars, some had drinks, I chatted up the ladies. A few had traveled with me before, so it was nice to catch up. Others were new and it was great to get to know them.

That night on the boat, we all hit up the disco, this time not for Mass, but for dancing and drinking.

Lino pulled an Irish exit and everyone else stayed until one or two in the morning.

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