The Catholic Guy Show does Rome, Greece, and Turkey – Day Six

Very few people took excursions in Crete. Most just walked around. I left later than most, but found the group where one would expect to find a bunch of Americans, at Starbucks. It was crazy how everyone ended up here.

Then it was back to the boat for the quick cruise to Santorini.

I’ve only flown into Santorini, so arriving by boat was nice. Also, since I’d only flown, I’d never had to consider steps, donkey or sky buckets. No way I was taking the lift, or a donkey, so it was 588 steps for me and about 8 others.

It was a nice walk up, and we beat everyone.

Once up top, things got messy, a few people kept walking up, but I didn’t know until it was too late, so I went after them after getting the rest of the group together. I walked from Fira to Ia and back. Missed dinner, missed shopping, missed relaxing. Need found them until we were back on the boat. My job is so much fun!

We were the last ones on the boat, and I knew that after today, I needed a drink. So we headed up to the lounge and I had my first drink of the trip.

After a few hours, the party moved to the disco, and I pulled an Irish exit of my own.

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