Instagram Stories, travel, and the new evangelization

When I started traveling, I did all I could to share the experiences with those who could not.

I started The Catholic Traveler to make it easier for people to explore their faith through travel. But I never stopped sharing with those back home through blogging and social media.

I’m currently all in on Instagram Stories. It’s fun, easy, and growing quickly.

One of my first Insta Clips was me meeting the pope. That’s not a bad way to start!

Since then I’ve shared many Papal events, Mass in private chapels, many group pilgrimages, Eucharistic Miracles, visits to the tombs of Saints, and excellent meals – I’ve even taken people in the kitchens of some of my favorite restaurants.

I’ve shared mission work with Iraqi refugee children, and travels through Italy, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Austria, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland. I’ve given countless InstaTours of places throughout Rome and even some instruction on how to get within high five distance of the pope.

I love being able to share video so easily. I rarely make the time to edit video of my travels. Someday I’ll get around to it. Maybe. Instagram Live and Facebook Live are great, but If I want to share the experience of an entire day, those are not ideal platforms.

With Instagram Stories, I can take quick video clips and post them. I can post 20 clips that include a full day of travel. And because they disappear after 24 hours, I don’t have to put too much thought into production. I still don’t want to post garbage, but I can be a bit more loose on Insta Stories.

Being able to evangelize through different mediums is something I really enjoy. Instagram still has a younger audience. So I love that some of my Stories get 900+ views and that so many people take screenshots of altars. I’ve even had some people message me back after posting photos of confessionals because it encouraged them to return to the sacrament.

The tools for the New Evangelization are always evolving, and currently, my favorite is Instagram.

Join me.

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