Private Masses Banned in Saint Peter’s Basilica

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This was rumored back in January.

Cardinal Comastri was the Archpriest of Saint Peter’s Basilica and the President of the Fabric of Saint Peter’s Basilica for 15 years. In the simplest of terms, he was the pastor and boss of the basilica.

Cardinal Comastri was set to retire this year and with his retirement, big changes were coming.

The rumors were no more private Masses in the basilica, including no more Masses in the Extraordinary Form.

I did not believe that any of these things would happen. It made no sense.

But here we are two months later, and it’s now official. Their “reason” is to preserve the sanctity of the Mass.

No more private Masses in the basilica.

Individual Masses are suppressed.

Priests can concelebrate and the faithful can join the official Masses at 7 AM, 7:30 AM, 8 AM, and 9 AM.

Private Masses with groups can now only be celebrated in the Grottos.

Private (including group Masses) in the basilica have been suppressed.

The EF Mass can now only be celebrated in the Clemente Chapel, and only by “authorized” priests. A great chapel, but not one that just anyone can visit.

It’s important to note, that people cannot just walk into the Grottos. They need an accompanying priest.

Gone are the days of walking into Saint Peter’s Basilica at 7 AM and listening for a language you prefer.

Now the only option will be attending an official Mass in Italian, or having a priest book a Mass in the Grottos.

Truly awful news.

This also means fewer Masses. There are 12 usable altars in the grottos compared to 21 in the basilica.

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