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Practicing walking.

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This is not a travelogue per se, but the unedited emails I sent home using a Blackberry to friends and family while I was away.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Nothing exciting today.

I woke up early knowing I would need to rearrange the Christmas itinerary and make a few changes. I didn’t really want to do desk work in Rome but it needed to be done.

Later I realized I should have done it outside the room. At least on the roof with a view of St. Peter’s dome. Oh well.

I practiced my walk. And ended up near the Trevi fountain around lunch. So I ate pizza. Pizza with anchovies -just for you, Dad. I also had wine. Too much wine. I felt a little tipsy for about an hour. Not a good thing to be when walking down via condotti near the Spanish Steps. Lucky no one had my Bulgari glasses or I might have ended up with a few pair.

Then I took the subway back to the St. Peter’s area and made sure I knew where to go over there. I made a quick stop at the convent to drop off a few things then went to St. Peter’s until they closed.

I had dinner. Penne all’rabbiatta again. It is my favorite. And made a dinner reservation for our group’s last night in Rome.

Came back to the room and packed everything up.

I leave for Athens at 855 in the morning. So I need to leave the convent by 630. No sleeping in tomorrow.

It’s almost 10 PM. So time for bed.

Love you all.