Newsletter for August 2019

Happy Feast of the Assumption!

Turn up the volume, close your eyes, and enjoy this morning’s Assumption bells from Saint Peter’s Basilica. As a bonus, you’ll also hear the Vatican leaf/garbage blower and a very squeaky Vatican street sweeper.

Did you know that Assisi has Mary’s veil and it is only displayed twice a year? Today is one of those days. If you’ve ever been to the Basilica of Saint Francis, you’ve surely seen the reliquary, you probably just didn’t realize what was behind the doors. See the veil and read the story behind it here.

Upcoming Pilgrimages

Off the Beaten Path to Rome and Assisi: An Advent Pilgrimage
Been to Rome before? This is your chance to go deeper into this amazing city. We will visit churches most people never see. We will see two Marian Apparition spots and the site of a Eucharistic Miracle – all in Rome! In addition to Assisi, we will visit the hometowns of Saint Rita and Saints Benedict and Scholastica. The highlight will surely be opening the Vatican Museums. There is no more exclusive tour in all of Rome, only 20 people a day are allowed to accompany the key holder to unlock the doors and turn on the lights of all the galleries, including the Sistine Chapel. I have secured private access just for this group. It’s going to be amazing! Details here.

A Low Season Pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi
I offered the same pilgrimage a few years ago. It sold out in one day. So I offered another. It sold out two days later. I’m doing one again for 2020. The weather is cool, the crowds are light, and the price is great! Details here.


I’m headed to some new-to-me places soon. If you want to follow along, Instagram is the best place. I share daily updates from Rome and all my travels. Be sure to say hi!

Thanks for reading!

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