August in Rome

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I love Rome year round, but August is especially enjoyable. It’s hot. The days are long. Especially around the 15th, it’s super quiet.


High 89° / Low 66° Keep in mind that air conditioning is not that common and even in places with air conditioning, it’s usually not as strong as in the US.

Most Italians are at the beach or in the mountains, most Americans are back in school, so it’s not very crowded.

While it’s not as extreme as it once was, many restaurants and shops will close for at least a few weeks of vacation. Touristy sites remain open and there are still plenty of excellent places to eat.

Catholic Feast Days in August

With nearly 1,000 churches and tombs (or parts) of so many Saints, there’s almost always a celebration. Neighborhoods have their own devotions, so it’s not uncommon to stumble upon a procession.

01 August
Saint Alfonso Liguiri
Holy Machabees (Roman Rite)
Miracle of the Fusing of Chains – Saint Peter in Chains

02 August
Saint Alfonso Liguiri (Roman Rite)

04 August
Saint John Vianney
Saint Domenic (Roman Rite)

05 August
Our Lady of the Snows
Mass at Saint Mary Major

06 August
Feast of the Transfiguration
Go to an early morning Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica

07 August
Saint Gaetano

08 August
Saint Domenic
Saint John Vianney (Roman Rite)
Go to Mass at the Angelicum or Santa Sabina

10 August
Saint Lorenzo (Roman Rite and

11 August
Saint Clare of Assisi

14 August
Saint Maximillion Kolbe

15 August
Feast of the Annunciation

16 August
Saint Helen

21 August
Saint Pius X

24 August
Saint Bartholomew

27 August
Saint Monica

28 August
Saint Augustine

29 August
Death of Saint John the Baptist

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