Airport Transfers: Getting from the airport to your hotel

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Now that you’ve landed in Rome, you’ll need a way to get to your hotel. From Fiumicino you have four options. I outline the pros and cons of each below…

Private car

Booking a driver in advance is the safest and most efficient way to get into Rome. As you exit Customs, your driver will be waiting for you with your name on a sign. Your driver will already know where you are going, and you will have already agreed on a price. You can also count on your driver being professional.

Need a driver? Email my driver directly, just be sure to tell him I sent you. Door to door transfers start at €50. Compare that with €48 for a taxi, and it’s a great bargain!


The Fiumicino Express runs every 15 minutes and has nonstop service to Termini, Rome’s central train station. The cost is €14. Children under 4 are completely free and for each paying adult, one child under 12 is free as well. The ride into Rome takes just 32 minutes. Once you get to Termini, you can take the Metro, bus, taxi, or even walk to your hotel.

There is a cheaper train option as well. The FL1 train line will also get you into Rome for just €8 per person. This is a local train that makes several stops, but not Termini, it does stop at Tiburtina which connects to buses and Metro line B.

To find the train station, turn right out of Customs (stay inside the airport) and follow the signs to the train. You’ll take an escalator down and walk below the street before taking an escalator up to the train platform.

Tickets can be purchased at the self service kiosks or at the ticket window. Be sure to validate your ticket before boarding the train, and keep it handy to show onboard when asked.


Several companies offer an inexpensive way to get into the center of town. Starting at €6 per person, the one hour ride will bring you into the city center where you can connect to the Metro or city buses. Most will allow you to buy your ticket on board. I occasionally use SITBus as they stop near the Vatican by my apartment. They also stop at Termini.

To get to the bus parking, turn right as you exit Terminal 3. Buses park at the end of the Terminal.


If you didn’t arrange a driver in advance, but still want a ride directly to your hotel, you can hire a taxi. This is very important, only get into a legal taxi. There are people in the airport, and just outside, that will offer you a ride. They may look legit, but they are not. Exit the airport and go to the taxi stand. As you walk out of Terminal 3, turn to your left and look for the orange “TAXI” sign. There can sometimes be a long wait. The price from the airport is set by the city. So you don’t need to haggle or deal with a meter. Currently the cost is €48 to get anywhere within Rome from the airport.

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