The Scala Santa Reopens

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I am so excited to have the Scala Santa back!

scala santa restoration

My last time up these wooden steps was on December 18th, 2017. They closed shortly after for restoration. Today, August 1st, 2019, they finally reopened. ⁣

As you probably know, the church left the marble exposed for a few months while the wood was being restored. That too was an amazing experience and tons of people visited Rome to have the opportunity to climb the marble. ⁣

But today was like seeing an old friend after years apart. ⁣

scala santa reopened stair attachments stair baseboards stair blood

stair details

The priest in charge messaged me the other day and asked me to stop by. He then presented me with a piece of the wood. What an honor! ⁣
⁣He explained that the steps had to be fumigated because of some very holy termites and when they placed the wood back on, they had a few extra parts and he wanted me to have one. ⁣

Think of the countless people who prayed and cried up these steps. The lives changed on these steps. I know of conversions and lots of reconversions that happened because of experiences here. ⁣

To have a piece of that history is something I’ll treasure forever.

piece of the wood
TCT XX designed in Rome
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