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First world penance: going grayscale for Lent

Typically during Lent I’ll do a few different things. Always something spiritual, usually something physical, and often something really penitential.

I’m not sure if I came up with the term, but for the last seven years, I also do something I call first world penance. For some, that’s maybe giving up social media. One year I deleted all but the apps that came pre-installed on my iPhone.

This year, I’m going grayscale. The idea started when I decided to post only black and white photos during Lent. That sort of

So I’m setting my iPhone to grayscale. Instagram in grayscale, Facebook in grayscale, YouTube in grayscale, even the photos and videos I take – which you know is a lot – I’ll only see in grayscale.

If you’d like to suck the life out of your digital Lent, on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > turn on Color Filters > select Grayscale > Suffer Miserably.

From a friend: on Android, go to Settings > Accessibility > Direct Access > Turn on Direct Access > Turn on Grayscale > press Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time > Hatred

Quite a few people are doing this, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Imagine how much more beautiful the world will be after the Resurrection!