First Public Papal Audience since the virus hit Italy

So excited to be able to attend today’s Papal Audience, the first in six months!

There are not enough people in Rome to hold the Audience in the piazza, so it’s been moved to Cortile San Damaso. And what a venue for the Audience!

The seats are set up to accommodate just under 500 people, with plenty of distancing. Yes, masks are required, even though we are outside.

The Papal arrival and departure were very casual, as Pope Francis greeted just about every person there.

There was a special moment were Pope Francis called for a priest holding the Lebanon flag to come forward and offer a prayer for Beirut.

What a great morning!

For those interested in attending an Audience in the Cortile San Damaso, currently no tickets are required. Just show up for security in front of Saint Peter’s Square by 7:30 AM on Wednesday. The Holy Father arrives around 9:30 AM and it’s over around 10:30 AM. As always, I have the full Papal Calendar available for you. See you there!

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