Rev. Matthew McCarthy, FSSP

Prior to entering Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, after High School education, Father McCarthy obtained a Bachelor’s Degree and a PhD in physics.

He then spent ~10 years writing computer software in a number of different industries while indulging his passion for sailing, living on the south coast of England in Southampton.

A native of the northwest of England (just outside of Liverpool, whose revived fortunes in the Premier League he presently is enjoying), Father was six+ years in the Denton seminary before spending five months at the Dayton apostolate gaining pastoral experience as a Deacon prior to priestly ordination in 2011 in the seminary chapel by HE Fabian Bruskewitz.

After five weeks in Kansas City “filling in”, his first assignment was to Saint Francis de Sales, Mableton GA, first as parochial vicar for one year and then five years as pastor.

In July of 2017, Fr was re-assigned to Saint Francis of Assisi Chapel in Lincoln NE, one of the FSSP’s older and smaller apostolates which is slowly growing and taking on a much younger complexion.

Having recently visited Rome (2018) and various shrines in France including Lourdes after the Paris-Chartres Pilgrimage (2019), Father is very much is looking forward to this pilgrimage to the Holy Land, to witness first-hand the scenes described in the gospels and to walk where the Incarnate Son of God walked.

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