Back to Normal

Old friends, new friends, patrons, priests, diplomats, radio hosts, Emmy winners, music industry professionals, best selling authors, travel professionals, and journalists. Stopped on the streets and at Mass by fans and followers. Nearly every day hanging out with someone new. Sharing stories. Catching up. Eating. Drinking. Pilgrimaging. It’s been beautiful.

I’ve done more in-person socializing in the last few weeks than in the last few years.

Here are just some of the photos from the past few weeks.

Four hour lunch with one of my closest friends, Lino Rulli.

Ran into the famous Hungarian Ambassador, Eduard Hapsburg.

Guests on Second Cup Saturday, including Laura Blair, and Cincinatti’s finest photographer, Amanda Donaho.

Finally meeting Matt and Elizabeth in person.

Taking one of my favorite priests, Father Rafael Capo, for gelato and wine.

Introducing my friend Angel to Rome’s best carbonara and the famous green Sambuca at Abruzzi.

It’s taken years, but finally seeing Gillian Knows Best at Sant’Eustachio. We are both there all the time, but always miss each other by minutes.

Father John, like me, spent years in the music industry. Yet we meet at Sant’Eustachio in Rome.

Plus randomly running into friends, fans, patrons, and showing people the churches of Rome.

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