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Already a private Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica after the new restrictions

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Today, just four days in to the new Mass restrictions for Saint Peter’s Basilica, Polish Cardinal Krajewski continued the years long tradition of celebrating Thursday Mass in Polish at the tomb of St. John Paul II in the basilica.

Right after the this new restriction was announced, I tweeted that this would never stand because Poland would invade the Vatican to have their weekly Mass at this tomb.

As for Cardinal Krajewski, let’s not forget that when Rome closed churches, it was he who first reopened his titular church to the public the very next day – others immediately followed.

I am excited to see how those who were for the suppression of Private Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica spin this.

This is a “private” Mass.

It is not in Italian.

The altar is Ad Orientem.

All three things that go against the argument for the new rules.

This Cardinal was selected by Pope Francis and works very closely with him. So, did he have special permission or did he go against the rules? Either way, how will they explain it?

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