About that NY Times Story on Europe Opening to Vaccinated Americans this Summer

There’s an incredibly misleading news story going around that says the EU will allow vaccinated U.S. tourists to visit this summer.

I’ve been getting messages nonstop about it.

While I’m hopeful tourism returns soon, there are at least two things wrong with the article and the headline. There is no official word on when the EU as a whole will reopen to Americans. It could be this summer, but it’s irresponsible to say it’s happening before it’s official – perhaps they could say “may” open this summer, but that probably wouldn’t get as many clicks.

The other thing is that the stories reference the EU Green Pass, which, at this moment, proves that one has been vaccinated OR has gained immunity by recovering OR passes a negative test. But the articles and news stories and headlines say only vaccinated Americans will be welcome. Again, it could be the case that the final decision is vaccinated only, but as of now, that’s just not true.

Remember that most of Italy only today has started to allow us to have coffee in a real cup again, it could still be a while before the borders are open.

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