A Virtual Lenten Pilgrimage to Rome

It seems as though most of you will again have to give up Rome for Lent.

Though it is not the same as being here in person, I’m going to do my best to bring Lenten Rome to you with daily videos, a daily podcast, and a weekly live rosary. All of these will focus on the Lenten Station Churches of Rome – 40 of Rome’s oldest and most important churches.

This virtual pilgrimage will be a great supplement to your personal Lenten journey. You can also share it in your classrooms and in your Bible study groups.

There is no charge, and you don’t have to subscribe to anything to participate. But, if you would like to help out, consider becoming a Patron. You can also make a one time donation through PayPal.

The cost and time of shooting, producing, and editing daily videos and podcasts is not cheap – each video takes around seven hours with travel time, filming, and editing. Each podcast takes around three hours to research, record, and edit.

I think you are really going to love it. There will be history, theology, excellent visuals, and the sounds of Rome.

For those of you giving up social media for Lent, all the content will be available right here on my website.

By the way, if you want to hear more about all this, I discussed it on this episode of Tipsy Tuesday.

Daily Videos

A new video every day from that day’s station church. Most of the time my kids join me. In the past, these videos have been played in classrooms and home schools so the students can get a kid’s perspective. We put a lot of work into these to make sure they are fun and educational. They are usually under 10 minutes long.

The videos will be on my site, but also shared to Facebook and YouTube, by 8 AM Eastern time.

Daily Podcast

Our weekly podcast is now a daily podcast, at least through Lent. Joannie and I will dive further into the history and theology of each church. We will discuss the martyrs, some of the art, and share some of our personal experiences from visiting these churches over the years.

You can listen directly on my site, but it’s a huge help if you subscribe in iTunes, rate it, and leave a comment.

Friday Rosary

I’ll be leading the rosary from the Station Churches every Friday at 4 PM Rome time. This will be live on YouTube, so be sure to subscribe to my channel.

Here’s the full rosary schedule:
February 19: Santi Giovanni e Paolo
February 26: Santi Apostoli
March 5: San Vitale
March 12: San Lorenzo in Lucina
March 19: San Eusebio
March 26: Santo Stefano Rotondo
April 2: Santa Croce in Gerusalemme

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