A perfect morning in Assisi with The Catholic Traveler Podcast Pilgrimage

Day four of our pilgrimage and we’ve had no issues with any restrictions.

Italy is doing very well (especially compared to the US) for those not following.

The locals have been welcoming.

We’ve encountered a number of other pilgrimage groups and study abroad programs.

We’ve heard a lot of English.

We’ve dined inside and outside, been in tons of churches (obviously), rode in cars, buses, and funiculars, we saw a pope, and went into more than a few crypts.

Stay safe, don’t do anything irresponsible or stupid, but don’t live in constant fear. One could argue that travel right now is safer than many activities you do back home. Everyone coming here is tested, most are vaccinated, masks are required indoors, and as is always the case with European travel, everyone is eating well and getting lots of exercise and fresh air.

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