47th Birthday Churches

My annual tradition of visiting one church for each year on my birthday. This year I turn 47, which means I need to visit 47 churches. For some reason this gets harder and harder each year.

I never map out the churches, I just head out and see where I end up.

Here we go!

We started at 8 AM.

1. Santa Sabina

2. Sant’Anselmo

3. Santa Prisca

4. Sant’Anastasia

5. San Pietro in Vincoli

6. Santa Maria Maggiore

7. Santa Prassede

8. Sant’Alfonso

9. Sant’Antonio Abate

10. Scala Santa

11. Lateran Baptistry

12. San Giovanni in Laterano

13. Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Most churches close for lunch, so by 1 PM I only had 13 churches. Just need to get 34 more between 4 PM and 7 PM.

14. Sant’Anna

15. Saint Peter’s Basilica

16. San Lorenzo in Piscibus

17. Santo Spirito in Sassia

18. Santa Maria Annunziata in Borgo

19. San Giovanni Battista

20. Santi Celso e Giuliano

21. San Salvatore in Lauro

22. Santa Maria della Pace

23. Santa Maria dell’Anima

24. Sant’Agnese

25. Sant’Agostino

26. San Luigi

27. Sant’Eustachio

28. Santa Maria Maddalena

29. Santa Maria in Aquiro

30. Sant’Ignazio

31. Santa Maria sopra Minerva

32. Santa in via Lata

33. San Marcello

34. Santi Apostoli

35. Santi Vincenzo e Anastasia

36. Santa Maria in Trivio

37. Santissimo Sacramento

38. Santa Maria in Via

39. San Claudio

40. San Silvestro in Capite

Realized here that I made a possible crucial mistake, and had to back track to find more churches.

41. San Francesco Saverio

42. San Giovanni della Pigna

43. Gesu

44. Santissimo Sudario

45. Sant’Andrea della Valle

46. Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini

47. San Girolamo

Walked into 48 right at 7 PM, as most churches close.

One to grow on. Chiesa Nuova

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