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The Future Group Pilgrimage

With so much going on at home and in the world right now, you may not feel comfortable planning a trip in the next few months. But you probably are definitely going to want to get out once this is all over, and I plan to be here to welcome you on your next pilgrimage.

I’ve been leading pilgrimages since 2005, and as of today, I’ve lead 140 group pilgrimages to Europe and the Holy Land. I have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

You can see my current pilgrimage offerings here.

Many more are coming for 2021 and 2022, with lots more to Italy and the Holy Land, plus I have France, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Oberammergau all in the works.

By signing up for a future pilgrimage, you will help keep my business going, and as you see below, there is no risk to your investment.

Pilgrimage Deposits

Deposits for my group pilgrimages are always $1,000 per person.

Your deposit is fully refundable until December 15th of 2021, by that point, if you have not selected a pilgrimage to join, let me know and you’ll receive a full refund.

As for the fine print…

Each year a few of my pilgrimages are restricted to schools (and their students) and sometimes I have pilgrimages that are lottery-based. If you qualify for those pilgrimages, for example, you are an approved student or you are picked in the lottery, your deposit will absolutely apply. But just know that signing up for a future pilgrimage does not guarantee you qualify for a school trip or get picked in the lottery. All my other trips are open to all, and it’s always very clear when it’s a school pilgrimage or a lottery-based pilgrimage.