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The Future Pilgrimage

I have no plans to let a virus stop the work I’m doing, but the truth is that the whole world is struggling and suffering right now.

Being a small business in the tourism industry, my income for the next several months has literally gone down to $0.

I’ve also had to cancel or postpone seven of my upcoming group pilgrimages – three are postponed until 2022. This means I currently have eight months of 2020 with no income.

There are many people who need help right now. I have my family, a place to live, and food to eat. I’m also optimistic things will improve sooner, rather than later. Still, many have written to ask how they can help me specifically, during this time.

The best thing you can do for me is to stay safe, stay healthy, stay faithful, and then travel again once this is all over.

Still, if you do have the means, and only if you are able, here are a few ways you can help me financially to get through these next several months.

The Future Group Pilgrimage

Someone who’s never traveled with me wrote as soon as this all started and asked if she could pre-pay for her whole family to travel with me sometime in the future, maybe in a few years. Such a generous and thoughtful offer.

Since that time, many more have asked if they can pre-pay for a future pilgrimage. So I’ve decided to set up what I’m calling The Future Pilgrimage. This way, people who hope to travel on a group pilgrimage with me in the future, even one that’s not currently announced or planned, now through 2022, can go ahead and pay the deposit now.

Details here

The Future Day Pilgrimage

After some recent radio interviews, and some videos I posted, I had people asking if they could pre-pay for day pilgrimages for sometime in the future.

For those who want to visit Rome on their own as soon as this is all over, I’ve also decide to allow people to pay upfront for The Future Day Pilgrimage.

Details here

Unable to travel, but still want to help?

A dear friend from the Diocese of Nashville – a Diocese that has traveled with me seven times over the last three years – secretly set up a GoFundMe page.


I’ve also had people from past trips, or who enjoy my work on social media surprise me by sending money via PayPal. If you’d like to do that, you can do so here.