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A Walk Through the Center of Rome

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On Sunday Rome became part of the “orange” zone for the foreseeable future. In addition to the restrictions in the “yellow” zone, we also can no longer eat or drink in restaurants – everything is take-away and delivery only. For our last yellow day, we visited some favorite spots, had many coffees, and took advantage of dining freedom.

We visited Sant’Eustachio several times today, including for Second Cup Saturday. One thing I missed most from our for real lockdown in the spring, was coffee in a real cup at a real bar. For a while we will only be allowed coffee to go. So we came for the sounds. As you can see, we were not alone.

I pass this bar often, I think it will make an appearance in a future Tipsy Tuesday.

If you’ve ever wondered how people move into buildings that are hundreds of years old, you now know that they use modern technology.

The restaurants in Piazza Navona were packed for a final lunch with this perfect view.

Others preferred a view of this 2,000 year old building, the Pantheon – click the link for some stories and history on this place in our latest podcast.

We opted for another coffee. This time it was cappuccino to go, again from Sant’Eustachio, so we could enjoy the scenery.

Pro-tip: wedding pics in Rome are the best.

And finally, a sandwich at a table in front of the world’s most iconic fountain.