The Feast of Saint Agnes


As women are marching and celebrating and protesting, let’s not forget that today the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of a young woman who gave her life to remain pure.

Today is the Feast of Virgin and Martyr, Saint Agnes.

Saint Agnes is the patron saint of girls, chastity, rape victims, virgins, and gardeners!

Because she was a follower of Christ, Agnes was dragged naked through the streets of Rome to a brothel. Those who tried to rape her were struck blind, one instantly died. Agnes prayed for her attackers and the one who died was revived. She was then tied to a stake to be burned, but the wood would not catch fire. Finally she was beheaded.

She was only 12 years old.

Her remains are venerated in the church of Sant’Agnese Outside the Walls and at Sant’Agnese in Agony located on Piazza Navona.


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