St. John Vianney the CurĂ© d’Ars

Today is the feast of Saint John Vianney and this is a virtual visit to his home in Ars, France.

Ars is located in south-east area of France. Just a few minutes outside of Lyon.

Basilica in Ars France

The basilica is beautiful and contains the tomb of the saint.

Let’s start here with a few close ups…

The head of Saint John Vianney

The hands of Saint John Vianney

You can see the incorruptibility in his hands.

The shoes of Saint John Vianney

Nice shoes!

Of course it’s possible to have Mass at the tomb. It’s a bit awkward since the tomb is at a side altar and the pews are facing forward. But, still quite nice.

Now we move out of the church and over to the saint’s home.

Saint John Vianney kitchen

Here’s a look at the pizza oven in the kitchen. Papa John’s?

The dining area.

Saint John Vianney Mary painting

This is an interesting painting. The saint loved it and had it placed here. From time to time, it was found in the morning to be splattered with mud by the devil.

Saint John Vianney Bedroom

A look into the saint’s bedroom.

Saint John Vianney Ars Books

Another shot of his shoes and his bookshelf.

Burning bed of St. John Vianney

Here’s the famous burning bed of Saint John Vianney.

Saint Vianney Coffin

This is his original coffin.

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