Lenten Station Churches of Rome 2018

Lent 2018 begins today!

I fell in love with the Lenten Station Churches of Rome twelve years ago and wrote a series of 40+ articles on each one (before I’d even visited most of them!) that were published first on Catholic Exchange, then a few other Catholic outlets, and eventually picked up by the Smithsonian!

Now that I live in Rome, I get to visit these churches all the time, but they are most special to visit during Lent.
This beautiful custom dates back to the fourth century. It’s a tradition that began as a way to strengthen community and honor the holy martyrs of the city. The faithful would journey through the streets of Rome to visit a new church each day. Gregory the Great later established the order of the churches to visit, prayers to recite, and designated this as an official Lenten practice.

Each day I will bring you along with me (and usually my girls) on this ancient pilgrimage. We begin Lent with Ash Wednesday at Santa Sabina.

Here’s your first video.

You can read all about the individual Station Churches here.

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