Reviews from Past Tours

Worst pilgrimage ever.
— Lino Rulli
You’re the real deal.
— Christopher West
Mountain is like the Catholic Rick Steves.
— A lot of people
You’re like the Catholic me.
Rick Steves
If Jack Bauer was a Catholic tour guide, he’d be Mountain.
— John S
Four of my children and I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime when we were escorted to Italy by The Catholic Traveler, Mountain Butorac. I can honestly say that this trip would not have been nearly as wonderful as it was, had it not been for Mr. Butorac’s greatly skilled and professional guidance. His calm command of any situation is most comforting when one is so far from home. His delightful sense of humor and expert knowledge of the territory is essential to guarantee that one’s investment will be realized as one of life’s most worthwhile. I would have complete confidence in him when sending my children to travel without me as well. I highly recommend The Catholic Traveler for any European excursion and would never even consider going without him.
— Lisa H
I was a member of a Wonderful trip through Italy sponsored by The Catholic Guy show and planned by The Catholic Traveler i.e. Mountain. Our days were busy sightseeing at the most memorable spots in Italy. Although Mountains itineraries are action packed he doesn’t forget to leave time for personnel interest, reflection and oh yes SHOPPING. The hotels Mountain booked us in were wonderful. The staff in each hotel spoke English, were warm, personable and very helpful. The hotels were clean and centrally located to area. The group meals were marvelous and wine was plentiful. It was obvious Mountain had done his homework. I also felt confident Mountain was always watching out for our safety and well being throughout the trip just like an old mother hen. Be assured if you use The Catholic Traveler you will be in GREAT hands. Mountain ROCKS!
— Dee H
We were truly blessed to go with The Catholic Traveler to Italy twice. We went on a pilgrimage and art tour two years in a row! It was fabulous and the perfect time of year for this trip. We went during our Christmas break and visited Rome, Florence, Assisi, and Sienna. The first trip was a way for my husband and I to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We went with our homeschool academy as chaperones and had the best time with this group. We learned so much and gained so much spiritually as well. Mountain Butorac really knows how to coordinate a trip, with the details of his trips masterfully planned! The second trip included our teenage son, who enjoyed the same benefit that we did from his own experience in Italy. This second trip also included a day trip to Venice that Mountain arranged for my husband and I, along with another couple that came with our group for the second year in a row. Talk about customizing a trip!! We will always recommend The Catholic Traveler. Anyone who wants to travel to beautiful places, with great people, enjoy educational and spiritual experiences, and with security in knowing everything is handled…needs to travel with The Catholic Traveler.
— Cheri R
Mountain was the fearless leader of our trip to Italy this summer. He was wonderful at booking our tours, getting us to where we needed to be, and organizing a large group. He was great at modifying the schedule if the group needed to make some sort of adjustment, and we had such a wonderful time! He was also very helpful during the “free time” of the trip. He gave us great recommendations on food and places to see. He has been to these places so many times that he had an answer to almost any question we threw at him. We will definitely book with him again! Also, check out our Italy blog if you want to see more details about the amazing trip we had with The Catholic Traveler!
— Sarah D
If you have an opportunity to take a trip with Mountain and The Catholic Traveler, DO IT! I was fortunate to be on a nine day pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi, Siena, and Florence and what a trip it was! Not only did Mountain take us to the ‘known’ stops along the way, but was instrumental in securing our group spots in the most difficult tours and helped us find a ton of fun along the way. Prior to the trip, I had a ton of questions and Mountain was very prompt in his response and appreciated his patience! In addition to selecting the best hotels, restaurants, and Catholic sites, Mountain took the time to learn more about each of us, and by midweek of our trip, our group had become great friends and a true sense of community had been developed. I’m grateful to have had an opportunity to travel to Italy with The Catholic Traveler; I never knew I could have so much fun while learning about my Catholic faith. I can truly say that my faith has been ignited, and I’m already counting down to the next trip!
— Sarah U
My wife and I traveled with Mountain and a wonderful group of people who listen to the Catholic Guy Show (on satellite radio Sirius/XM channel 159 – Sirius, 117 – XM, 4PM to 7PM Eastern) and the AWESOME crew of the show (I know Lino would be mad if I didn’t plug the show). From the very first contact with Mountain, he was nothing but professional. The trip sold out immediately (like I knew it would) and Mountain was great about keeping us in the loop with our reservations. Since the group was from all around the country, Mountain created a FB group page so the individual travelers could start getting to know each other. Not only did he take the time to create this FB page, but he was an active participant. He kept us up to date with changes and gave us great traveling tips. Our itinerary included 4 days in Rome, 2 in Assisi, and 2 in Florence. Each day was well planned and packed the most into each day, without being too much or too tiring. Mountain was great with updates and letting us know what was going on. He was even able to secure the Scavi Tour (the hardest tour to get in Rome!). One of the highlights of the trip was the noon Angelus with the Pope at Castel Gandolfo. We were able to have an audience with Pope Benedict XVI (well, our group and about 900 other people). As a recent convert to the Catholic faith (2008), it was wonderful to be able to learn so much about the history of Catholicism and travel where the Saints have traveled. My faith has grown exponentially because of this trip. I recently heard a statistic that people value experiences more than possessions and this trip was an experience like no other! This Pilgrimage was the second best trip that we have ever taken (the first being our Honeymoon). We loved every minute of it and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t have some happy memory of our time in Italy. We made great friends and it was truly unforgettable. If you have to chance to travel with Mountain, GO!
— Lee R
I went on the trip to France this past September and I definitely recommend traveling with The Catholic Traveler! We went to Lourdes, Loire Valley, and Paris and it was a simply fantastic experience the whole way! Everything was wonderfully planned. It was an amazing religious pilgrimage and the private Masses were such a blessing. In addition to the spiritual element, we got a chance to see important landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, and experience a hint of the everyday life of the people there. There was a great balance between free time and guided tour as well. Mountain researched and planned out the whole trip wonderfully. The restaurants were well excellent, as were the hotels. We even got to stay in a chateau! Mountain was very knowledgeable and extremely calm. He even kept the trip going smoothly and as planned in face of a sudden transportation strike that shut down most of the trains in the country! He made sure that everyone was comfortable and enjoying the trip… and I think it was definitely a success! I look forward to traveling with The Catholic Traveler again and I’m recommending his trips to family and friends!
— Catherine G
Had a GREAT trip to Italy. Seen places most people only get to hear about. With a humble “Mountain” of a leader he took us on a pilgrimage of Rome, Siena, Assisi, & Florence. From seeing the Pope, to a view from the St.Peter’s dome, with many memories along the way. Leaving NY not knowing a person on the trip and returning with many new friends. What more could you ask for?
— Mark S.
This trip was fun, informative and enjoyable; I met new people, visited new museums and places, tasted new dishes and learned that pizza is not the same in Italy as in the states.
— Angela L
I had an awesome time in Italy on this trip that was handled by Mountain and The Catholic Traveler. The hotels that were selected were all very comfortable and in nice areas. The service that Mountain provides before and during the trip is excellent. He was very knowledgeable about the destinations that we went to. We went to Rome, Assisi, Siena and Florence, Italy. We were taken to many many awesome sites in every city. We celebrated mass every day in a different church and we got to see the Holy Father at Castel Gandolfo, these were big highlights in the trip for me. Overall I would definitely use The Catholic Traveler again in the future and will recommend his company to all of my friends. You did an awesome job Monte Bianco! Thanks!!
— Janette J
Mountain is a “says what he does, does what he says” guy which is getting more and more rare. You will get to see EVERYTHING!! He knows the areas he’s going to. He is also the calmest guy in the world when unexpected things (beyond his control of course!) happen. And he did an excellent job telling us when we had to wear pants (it was stinkin’ hot in Italy when we went, and not all of the sites allowed shorts).
— Rob J
I traveled with Mountain back in July and I’m delighted to be joining him again in May. His Italy tour was intimate and I never felt like I was part of some cookie-cutter pilgrimage. He was able to adapt to the needs and desires of the pilgrims throughout the trip and was willing to make itinerary changes with ease. Halfway through the pilgrimage he realized we had time for a side trip to Siena, and this unplanned excursion wound up being a highlight for me. Moreover, the hotels we stayed in were top notch! Mountain is a gem.
— Maureen McMurray
Mountain has all the qualities that you would hope for in a traveler director–knowledge, patience, humor, kindness–he made our trip to Italy the most delightful experience ever! We saw so many sights, stayed in great hotels, had fabulous meals, but most of all had fun together as a group. We all became friends very quickly–Mountain is the best! I can’t wait to travel with him again!
— Cheryl M
The Catholic Traveler ROCKS!! Traveling with Mountain is like going somewhere with your best friend. I have been to Greece and Italy with Mountain and both trips were AMAZING! His superior knowledge on all things Greek and Italian went well beyond my expectations! I never want to travel with out Mountain.
— Jena L
We loved, loved, loved our Italy trip with Mountain and The Catholic Traveler. The hotels were great, the meals were awesome and the company and education were memorable. We had a wonderful trip that went smoothly from start to finish. Never a complaint except maybe about the hot weather which we won’t hold against Mountain. And his gelato recommendation was the best we ever tasted!
— Phyllis A
Going to Italy with mountain was the best trip I’ve ever been on in my life!! I had a blast going with my high school Latin 4 honors class!! He took us to all the best sights in Asissi, florence, Rome and pompeii and we had such a good time!! We didn’t want it to end! Mountain also took us to all the best restaurants in each city! The little corner restaurants and old delis are where the true Italian food is made and that’s where we went! Also, we got gelato every day, sometimes twice a day! 🙂 mountain was very informative and the trip was amazing and unforgettable! If you want to go to Italy, don’t go unless you’re going with mountain!!
— Lauren M
Mountain is a fantastic leader and helpful tour guide. He understood the intricacies of traveling as a religious group, as opposed to mere tourists, and provided plenty of opportunities for celebrating Mass, free time for personal exploration, and bonding moments for the group. Couldn’t have been more pleased, and we’re planning on booking another trip with The Catholic Traveler as soon as we can!
— Mark D
My trip to Italy with The Catholic Traveler was all that I could’ve wanted and more! Mountain is a fantastic tour leader. He put together an amazing itinerary. I traveled as a single. Yet, I never felt like I was on my own. The hotels were very nice with incredibly friendly staff. The group meals were delicious. This was my first international trip and I felt completely comfortable in Mountain’s hands. He was always available to offer suggestions and answer questions. I look forward to future trips with The Catholic Traveler!
— Jakki S
I was very fortunate to be able to go to Italy with Mountain and the Catholic Guy Show in July 2010. This was my first trip to Europe, and first experience with a tour company. It was an awesome experience! A great group of people were together enjoying the beauty, history, spirituality, and of course, the food and wine! I’m looking forward to another trip planned by The Catholic Traveler.
— Melinda O
Christmastime 2008 I went on a school trip to Italy. We went to Rome, Sienna, Florence and Assisi, and spent a total of two weeks there. It was the first time I had traveled to Europe, and it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget! I loved the people, the food, and especially the culture and the architecture. Mountain is an awesome tour guide, and I would definitely go on a trip again!
— Bryn M
My first trip abroad was to Italy with The Catholic Traveler and it was a most memorable experience. The sites, the sounds, the people were all fantastic. I cannot wait to go on my next trip with The Catholic Traveler.
— Theresa H
My first trip abroad; I was a little nervous. Mountain had thoroughly researched each leg of the trip, allowing us group time and personal exploration, which was nice. The people on the tour become like your extended family. Very rewarding!!
— Lori M
These trips are amazing! Mountain has a wealth of knowledge and is very calm. The trips are put together well and a ton of fun! He keeps you busy, but it’s completely worth the money!
— Becky E
The best trip of all time. The best group of all time. Thank you to The Catholic Traveler for an unforgettable trip. We hope to travel again with you very soon!!
— Norvina S
It was fun, amazing, spectacular, and beautiful. It was great having tour guide who knew what he was doing. I wanna go back and do it again!
— Veronica H
It was fun and exciting. I loved seeing all the churches and paintings.
— Amanda S
Wonderful trip with just the right mix of sightseeing, a great group of people, a terrific tour guide who was very knowledgeable and handled unexpected changes in itinerary well. Both my husband and I can’t wait to travel on the next tour with The Catholic Traveler!
— Sara J
People (at the parish) are still talking about the great time they had, and are asking about the schedule of the next trip. 
— Gloria
Thank you, Mountain, for all your hard work in our two trips, now, to Italy. I feel very blessed by God to have been able to travel and see where the Saints have been; Eucharistic Miracles, Relics and even more. I love being Catholic!
— Patty
Our tour was excellent. Accommodations and tour guide could not have been better!
— Father Richard Tibbetts
I hope to experience another tour with you!
— JoAnn
The trip was worth every penny. I would do the same trip a second time, if ever the opportunity arose.
— Barbara
I would encourage all Christians to make a pilgrimage to Rome. I am forever changed by the experience.
— Barbara
I enjoyed the attention and organization of the entire trip. You and your assistant made sure everything was in place. I could not have asked for better leadership.
— Elizabeth
Very well priced considering the accommodations and meals.
— Elaine
The workbook for the students was a wonderful addition to all of us. Not only was it a great place to take notes as we traveled along, but I am still using it to look up, on the internet, what I didn’t see (Roman Forum) and to refresh my memory of the things that we did. I also enjoyed the evening classes with the kids. They helped me retain what we had learned and seen each day. I will occasionally check out your website and save my pennies for perhaps another adventure.
— Kathy
My faith as a Roman Catholic is stronger than before.
— Marc
I felt I was very well prepared. The pre-trip meeting was a definite plus.
— Kathy
I would follow you anywhere:-)
— Katie
You did above and beyond what any other guide would have done.
— Flo
I’d go again with you anywhere. Thanks for the best trip of my lifetime.
— Mary
Thanks for a great trip. This is something we could of never planned on our own. You provided a great opportunity for us and we are so happy we went with you.
— Darlene
Everything was organized and the hotel and restaurants were excellent. I already started saving for our next trip. I can’t wait!!!!
— Nidia
Yes, even though I am not catholic, the masses I took part of were very moving. I feel my faith and my relationship with God has deepened.
— Rena
The sites that we visited in Assisi and Rome were fantastic. The restaurants, the structures, the hotels and the people captivated me. The history that you presented provided the necessary connections that we needed to understand the modern day Rome. You did a great job planning and presenting the information.
— Elizabeth
Seeing my parishioners have the wow moment was the wow for me.
— Father Eric Hill
I learned so much about Italians by eating in all those family restaurants. The food and hospitality were unforgettable.
— Barbara
First I would like to thank you and your staff. Every time I entered a church, that was a WOW moment to me. Each church represents a museum to me, specially the story behind each one of them, make every single one unique.
— Marc
My favorite WOW moment was seeing the relics at Basilica di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme. To have read about the crucifixion is one thing, but to see actual items from it make you realize how fortunate we are as Christians that Jesus gave his life.
— Rena
I will recommend your company to anyone who is interested in traveling in Europe. I hope I am able to join you again soon. My only dislike was the shower/bathtubs, but I am better prepared for them now.
— Barbara
I had a wonderful time and am extremely blessed that I was able to attend. I would love to attend in the future.
— Rena
The restaurants we went to not only served scrumptious food but the owners and servers were enlightening and entertaining. I also enjoyed our encounters with the sisters in the convents. The street sellers and shop keepers were more than interesting. Also, I didn’t find communication that difficult. With the few words I knew, hand language worked great!
— Kathy
Compared to other trips I have taken very much worth the price.
— Elizabeth
The price was very affordable for everything that was provided. Just the flight alone cost more than the whole tour. The meals provided were EXCELLENT. The tours were well worth the admission fees and the churches that we visited were priceless.
— Rena
I was more than satisfied with the schedule, sometimes a little overwhelmed, but never disappointed.
— Barbara
I feel it was so worth it. I know if we’d gone without you, we would have spent much more.
— JoAnn
The trip was an opportunity to stay in prayer and refocus on myself and church family.  Growing spiritually was definitely the best thing that could have happened to me during the trip. I felt such a connection with God!
— Elizabeth
For the length of time that we had, scheduling had to be tight. We did not waste any time. It was very demanding, but rewarding.
— Elizabeth
Daily Mass celebrated by our own priests was very special and touching.
— Elaine
This tour was everything and more.
— Rena
Our guide and assistant were excellent, great people, personalities, kept us on time so we did not miss a thing, well informed providing us with a wealth of information. It was my pleasure to meet you, including Ilaria.(I was very impressed with this Roman woman’s knowledge of the history of Rome. The first time I heard her say "we Romans" caught me off guard, but it brought into focus where we were and when.
— Barbara
The guide was excellent. A lot of information was provided. The assistant was great as well. I believe that with the size of our group, it was great that Mick was available to help out. We loved having both of you to show us a great time.
— Rena
You and your assistant did a fantastic job.
— JoAnn
I thought our guides were very patient with us and quite knowledgeable.
— Nidia
The guides and assistant guide were knowledgeable and very helpful.
— Gloria
I think that you provided a lot of information both prior to our arrival and while we were on site.
— Rena
You did an outstanding job!!!
— JoAnn
At first I thought I would get tired of all the churches; but I didn’t. Of course my pastor makes every Mass so special. I like the fact that they were other groups at some of our Masses; it really felt like the universal church.
— Nidia
I feel more responsible for and interest in my relationship with God. I never expected to go to Italy because my husband doesn’t have an interest. This was a beautiful gift God gave to me. I would definitely go again.
— Kathy
Without a doubt we’ve grown spiritually!
— Darlene
It is hard to pick out a specific favorite memory because the whole trip was awesome. Having the opportunity to ride the train from Rome to Assisi was a favorite time.
— Elizabeth
If you indeed plan the next pilgrimage for Saints Peter and Paul to Greece I definitely want to be a part of it. I have total confidence in your planning. I  enjoyed the experience and it was well worth every penny. WHAT AN EDUCATION!!!!! God bless you.
— Elizabeth
The highlight for me is that we had our own priests and Mass everyday!
— Carole
Mass with the Pope was the highlight for me.
— Patty
No way you could have used my time more efficiently.
— Marc
The first sight of the Vatican in the early morning and the realization that I was at the central point of my Catholic faith was awesome. Seeing the Eucharistic miracles that I had not heard of or had never expected to see and the relics of the crucifixion. After leaving the crucifixion relics we went into the room that had the copy of the Shroud of Turin There was a life size crucifix at the end of the room.  It was not particularly well done and worn but on first sight, almost brought me to my knees. Lost in the moment I didn’t even think to look at the shroud.
— Kathy
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