Daddy Daughter Trip Day Four: Nice and Monaco

We got an early start today. Breakfast at the hotel was amazing. Possibly the best ever in Europe! Cheeses, fresh fruits, meats, eggs, breads, vegetables and decent coffee. Then it was off to Monaco! Or so I thought…

When we got to the station, the plan was to research some tickets for some other trains we needed. The line was terribly long and I started to calculate everything in my head. I realized that if we waited in the line, then went to Monaco, we’d get there pretty late for lunch. We’d still need to eat, but the best dining options are on the other side of town than where I planned to start. So, we’d have to go in reverse. That would delay our return and we might get back too late for the beach.

So we decided to hit the beach first! Since the weather was supposed to be chilly, we did not bring swimsuits. Shopping time!

The water was cold, the rocks were hard, but she still had a great time.

Nice waves.

Nice waves.

We went to Mass at the cathedral. It was an all chant Mass. Beautiful.

With the beach, Mass and lunch checked off the to-do list, it was time for gelato!

lavender gelato

She had lavender. I had… avocado? Gotta try new things when you travel. It was surprisingly good. Tasted like sweet avocado. I’d get it again!

Then it was off to Monaco!

I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that I took my kid to see Bono’s house, or that I’m admitting it here. Either way, we made a quick stop in Eze-sur-mer. Here’s Bono’s driveway…

Bono Eze les Roses

Then it was back on the train.

When my daughter was just a few months old, I traveled to Rome for John Paul II’s funeral. I wanted to take something of hers with me, so I grabbed a small stuffed animal that she sometimes held. His name is Cha-cha. He’s come with me on all my trips since and I have pictures of him in front of places all around Europe.

This time, she was able to bring Cha-cha herself!

Cha-cha Monaco palace

She’s become quite the photographer on this trip! When we brought her to Italy in 2008, we gave her a camera to photograph things through her eyes. This time she has an iPhone. She takes lots of pictures of flowers, but she’s not afraid to run after just the right shot. Here she’s getting in position for the changing of the guards in Monaco’s palace.

Getting a good photograph

She loves taking pictures of art as well…

Photographing art

She also likes to pose as Pinocchio whenever we see him…

pinocchio in france

She loved the story of the American princess – well, obviously not the part about her death. Here’s the tomb of Princess Grace Kelly in Monaco’s Cathedral…

Grace Kelly tomb in Monaco

The Cathedral is beautiful!

Monaco cathedral

Apparently this is what she does to show the world a fountain is splashing her…

Monte Carlo fountain

That’s the Monte Carlo casino behind her. I’ve never been in because I do not travel with a jacket and a tie. I also don’t have thousands of dollars to blow on games. Maybe one day I’ll do my best James Bond and go hang out inside.

As always, cars that cost more than my house line the streets. Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Aston Martins and this Ferrari…

Monte Carlo Ferrari

As we walked by she said, “Look Daddy, it has an Apple sticker on it just for you! And there is Starbucks for Mommy!”

Our day ended with a rainbow over the French Rivera. She was so excited.

Rainbow Riviera

I mean what better way for a seven year old to end her day than learning about a real life princess from America and seeing a rainbow over the sea?

If you are wondering what all this is about, I’m on a recon trip to France (with a brief stop over in Rome) and I brought my daughter to work.

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