Charismatics, Masses, and Concertos – Another Day in Rome

Yesterday, in the 4 AM hour, a group of Charismatics strolled down my street praying the rosary. Loudly. It was beautiful. But loud. A parade of people that didn’t really stop all morning.

At 7 AM I got Amelia ready for Scouts. We headed out for a quick breakfast along the way.

By 9 AM I was across Rome to attend the 25th Anniversary Mass of my friend, Monsignor Soseman. The Mass was beautiful and I met a lot of new people. Then we all went for second breakfasts.

Traditional Latin Mass in Rome

I went straight from coffee to a day pilgrimage.

I try to avoid Sundays as we have to work around Masses, but it was the only day this couple was free. I consider this not only my job, but also my mission, so I do all I can to make these work for people.

At 2 PM I met the lovely couple at St. Mary Major. The tour went really well. They’d been to Rome many times, but never experienced any of the churches outside of St. Peter’s.

The husband mentioned at the end of the afternoon that their schedule was so tight in Rome because they were here for a concert.

Turns out he is the CEO of an alternative energy company with offices all over the world and sponsors a yearly event here in Rome, the Rome Chamber Music Festival. He also had dinner with one Cardinal Bergoglio several years back in Buenos Aires. Laudato si’?

Anyway, Sunday night was the private VIP event at Palazzo Barberini and he and his wife invited me and the family to join them as their guests for opening night.

At 5 PM I called for Christina and the girls to get dressed. I sprinted home and got prettied up as well. Side note: I either need to lose weight or buy a new suit. Ugh.

Another friend is leaving town for five weeks and we promised we’d go to his final Mass before he leaves.

So at 6 PM, I went to another Mass, this one with Monsignor Mark Miles.

By this time it was 7 PM and we needed to be at the Palazzo by 8 PM.

I knew the reception included light food, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. So we stopped by Polese for a quick dinner. I told them I had 15 minutes and they got us in and out in 15 minutes.

Then we taxied over to Palazzo Barberini.

This was a completely new crowd for me. Cocktail dresses, artsy eccentrics, and no church higher ups.

We met lots of people who do things like this all over the world. It was nice.

I was shocked that everyone (even the main violinist) already knew who I was because the couple told everyone about their day pilgrimage.


The concerto was amazing. I love classical.

This violinist, Robert McDuffie, mixes classical with other forms of music. This year’s theme is Baroque, Brahms, and Bluegrass. It was fun!

Turns out the McDuffie guy is from Georgia too! He plays a 3.5 million dollar loaner violin called the Ladenburg, that is owned, in part, by Mike Mills of R.E.M. They are childhood friends.

And the main bluegrass mandolin player, Mike Marshall, went to Christina’s high school. Crazy.

We got home at 11:30 PM.

It was a great day.

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