New website, new day tours, and a gift for travelers


Today I want to share with you my new website, announce some new day tours of Catholic Rome, and give you up to $300 off your next pilgrimage.

And, yes, that’s a silly picture of me, but I was excited after a day of hiking through Petra and climbing a huge sand dune in the Wadi Rum desert.

New Website

This week I launched a redesigned website. My site gets a lot of visitors from people already in Rome, so I’ve made it much easier for them to find the resources they need to make their trip a success. It’s a simple design to highlight my most popular pages, such as the Papal Calendar, as well as new helpful tips like how to survive your first thirty minutes in Rome.

If you know anyone coming to Rome who might find these completely free travel resources useful, please share this with them.

You can read all about the how and why of the redesign here.

Day Tours of Catholic Rome

I’m also officially launching day tours of Catholic Rome. More like mini-pilgrimages for individuals and families visiting Rome, these day tours highlight some of Rome’s best churches, most amazing relics, and greatest saints.

The Life of Christ: A pilgrimage to visit relics from the life of Christ. Starting at the manger where He first slept, climbing the stairs where He was condemned to death, and ending at the cross where He took His last breath.

Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome: A modern take on an ancient pilgrimage visiting the tombs of Saints Peter, Paul, Sebastian, Lawrence, Stephen, and more.

Saints, Apostles, and an Apparition: A walking pilgrimage through the historic center of Rome to visit some popular saints, including Saint Catherine and Saint Monica, the tomb of two Apostles, and a visit to the site of a Marian Apparition.

Catholic Pilgrimage in a Day Shore Excursion: A pilgrimage designed for those with very little time in Rome, this tour includes private transportation to and from the port, a visit to the relics associated with Christ’s Passion, a few stops in the historic city center, and an amazing lunch.

Discounts on Travel

I have a lot of repeat travelers. To thank those who travel with me, I now have a frequent traveler discount of up to $300 off future trips.

To celebrate, I’ll be running a promotion now through June 24th, 2016, for both previous and new travelers.

Simply sign up for one of my upcoming pilgrimages. If you’ve ever traveled with me before, you’ll get $300 off. If you’ve never traveled with me, I’ll give you $100 off.

For example, my Summer Pilgrimage to Italy is priced at $2,100. All new travelers pay just $2,000. People who have traveled with me before pay just $1,800.

Upcoming Pilgrimages

Summer Pilgrimage Getaway to Italy

Canonization of Mother Teresa

Homeschool Pilgrimage to Italy

Lourdes and the Shrines of France

Pilgrimage to Italy with the Diocese of Nashville

A Low Season Pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi

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