Add your Twitter username to Jetpack Sharedaddy for WordPress

Jetpack Sharedaddy
Jetpack Plugin

I installed the Jetpack plugin recently (thank you Media Temple for the early exclusive access!). My favorite ‘feature’ was that through Sharedaddy they made it simple to add a Facebook and Twitter button, while keeping them the same size. Have you ever noticed that the official Twitter button is not exactly the same height as the official Facebook button? Drives me crazy.

What I did not like about Twitter for Jetpack was that it did not automattically add my Twitter name, @CatholicTravel, to my shares.

So, a share of this post would appear as:
“Add your Twitter user name to Jetpack Sharedaddy for WordPress:”

I wanted:
“Add your Twitter user name to Jetpack Sharedaddy for WordPress via @CatholicTravel”

So, I jumped into Coda, my html editor of choice…

Navigated to: plugins > jetpack > modules > sharedaddy > sharing-sources.php

On line 262, I added ” via @CatholicTravel” (minus the quotes) between the ‘ and the ” that appears before “style” near the end of that string of code.

Maybe there is another way? But, this worked for me!

Side note, when the plugin is updated, it will probably break this setting and you’ll need to do it again. But, maybe with the update will come an easier way to do this from the dashboard.